Sunday, March 29, 2009

My First Handbound Book!!

I have been trying my best to create hand-made gifts for all my awesome friends. I never thought I would say its too bad I have so many awesome friends - because I can't keep up with everyone's birthdays and holidays!!!!!

This was my latest creation - a hand bound book for Buffy's 30th birthday. I really enjoyed making this book, it was a medium I had not done much with lately. I googled for directions and ultimately chose something off Here is one you can try, however it is not the one that I used. Unfortunately, I erased my cache and can't find it now!

Basically, you cut a bunch of paper to the same size, fold and sew it all together, glue the edges, make a cover with fabric on it and glue it all together! That is a hugely simplified list of steps and I definitely recommend you do some googling of your own if you want to try this project. I used Martha Stewart paper from Wal-Mart, vintage fabric from my sewing room, and a cereal box for the cover. Couple of times: 1. if the cover warps during the drying process, set it under a brick for a while it and it should straighten up. 2. If you are  using a sheer or lightweight fabric for the cover, get yourself some strong spray adhesive so it doesn't stain through the fabric leaving water stains (like mine did, bummer).

Anywho, here is what I came out with my first try!!

My original plan was to print out all the pictures I had with Buffy in them and assemble this great photo album for her. Things NEVER go as planned for me. So I put all the 'fixins' for a photo album into this nice little package for Buffy to assemble as she saw fit.  

Then, I personalized one photo I had of Buffy holding Brodes using Adobe Photoshop, added my own nice little message along with my signature Elk Antler Stamp, and called it good! I want to make more of these. . . when I have time ;).
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