Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Blog Header in Honor of Halloween!

Halloween is upon us! The ghostly ghoulish night is my absolute favorite holiday, hands down! Fittingly, I updated my header for the season. I wonder, do you guys know how to make a header? Do you have a publishing software to play with?

I took Graphic Arts 101 my 2nd year of college. Its unbelievable how much really cool stuff you can make and edit in something like Photoshop CS3. I've often thought of offering Photo Retouching for people as a part-time business. It's time consuming, but I enjoy that type of work.

So, if I become a Homemaker in the near future, I will be a part-time Graphics Artist/Seamstress/Tailor/Crafter.

By the way - Ghost Adventures is one of my favorite shows. We sit down as a family and watch it religiously!


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