Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gift for Teacher!

Today is Brody's last day of Kindergarten!!! This was his teacher's first year, fresh out of college, and she was ah-mazing. I volunteered every week through this last half of the year and was able to experience her methods in class. She kept the children engaged and made everything fun, she has a long successful career ahead of her! So, I made a little something special for her, a Mini iPad Case from a pattern I purchased on Etsy. The Teacher's name is embroidered on the front and I gave Brody fabric crayons to sign his name on the inside flap. Hope she likes it!!

Feels good to be creative again! I think my sewing machine missed me :)


  1. I have an ipad mini and I love this case. Feel like making another one? Maybe for like a graduation gift?

    1. YOU'RE GRADUATING!?!?! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why yes I DO feel like making another one :D.


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