Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quail Clutch

I know, it's been WAY too long. Here it is, my most recent completed project. Hopefully Becky has received her gift in the mail by now, otherwise I am ruining your surprise and I apologize!! I just couldn't wait to post any longer, if I procrastinate too long it will never get done. I had the idea for a bag for Becky on my mind for the last year, but I was originally going to do a shopping bag. Then Kyle got me a Brother SE-350 for my birthday and I had all kinds of embroidery ideas!!

My sister gave me an Ebay gift certificate for my birthday, so I had fun last night searching out accessories for the embroidery machine. I cannot wait to use my new concealed zipper foot, it really would have come in handy on this Quail Clutch. I also bought the 2' x 1.5' hoop since I love to work with small details. Although I don't have $800 for the PEDesign software, you can bet that I will figure out a way to use this machine to create my own embroidery designs. My hand embroidery looks like a Kindergärtner did it, but I have so many ideas that I need to create!


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