Monday, January 11, 2010

Booties for Kadynce

I finally took some time to make my own "light tent" for taking pictures. A little Photoshop goes a LONG way, but the light box definitely adds a professional touch. To top it all off, I finished another project! Just this morning I put the finishing stitches on a pair of baby booties for Kadynce, my niece-in-law who will be 1 in March. I hope they fit her, they turned out smaller than I thought.

I found a free baby bootie pattern a couple months ago. It's actually a pattern from the archive of Molly Chicken. Great jumping point, and I added heel pulls and of course my own embroidery (gotta put that new machine to work!).

Must I say that adding my signature to everything really makes a project look complete for me! Every day that I sew, I am praising Kyle for the machine: "It's the best present EVER!"

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  1. Love them! Just when I needed some inspiration, thanks.


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