Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Photo Frame and Pillowcase

This was a busy weekend! I love Valentine's Day, an excuse for my husband to buy me a really good box of chocolates. He bought me Godiva a couple years back and we both liked it so much he can't resist but to keep buying them every year! I'm going to get so sick of chocolate by the end of the week ;). So my last minute gift to him was this quick photo frame for the card I made him on Shutterfly. I cheated a little on the construction with a hot glue gun when I put the muslin pocket inside for the card, but hey it turned out alright! The fabric is actually a pair of pants I bought at Value Village, I added some texture with pleating and perpendicular straight stitches. Turns out my Brother SE-350 has a pretty good selection of stitches, too!

Then I did this simple pillowcase for Trevan's Valentine present. I missed Christmas, kind of skipped it by choice because of money and stress. I've really come to dread Christmas and hope to teach my children that its not all about the presents. . . Anyway, I printed a picture of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to iron on, then let the Brother do the rest! Hope Trevan is excited, he's crazy for TMNT, no REALLY.

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