Saturday, February 27, 2010

Modern Cloche (it's a hat)

Another project down, 257 to go! I thought maybe I would share some of my design theory that went in to this one, since that's what all the bloggers are doing these days (see my list of blogs to the right).

Becky, Buffy and I went to Bumbershoots 2008 and one of the vendors from Portland had really cute recycled hats with flowers on the side. Buffy tried one on and looked WAY cute in it, so I have been thinking since then that I would make a hat for her. WOOPS, that gives away the surprise doesn't it. . . Oh well, you just have to wait to see the end product! Anyway, I waited until last minute as usual and looked at several different patterns before eventually picking the first pattern I found last year. I have been sketching what I wanted for 2 years now-projects float around in my head for a LONG time before fruition!

Brody got a hold on this picture!!

I googled fabric flowers and found several patterns I like from Martha, this Fabric Dahlia is the one I used. Anthropologie hats are very inspirational, of course most everything is inspiring from their website since I can only window shop! I also like these old school hats like one found in this cloche tutorial. Humble Bumble B has lots of cute hats and she even has a tutuorial on Threadbanger if you google it. I liked her tutorial, but didn't think Buffy would wear something quite so 'vintage' haha. Anyways, it took me all day today but I got the hat done! I keep talking about making things to sell on Etsy. Honestly, I have got to speed things up quite a bit to make any money, 8 hours for one hat is pretty unreasonable! Check out some of the hats on Etsy, I searched out "hat patterns + sewing" to weed out the knit patterns. For you knitters, have at it and keep me in mind ;)!!!

I hate to say what my next project will be; really I fly by the seat of my pants and we all know it. Here is some juice to get you going though, this paintaing is called Ojibwe Floral Buds and its by my favorite native painter Daniel Ramirez. Who is your favorite painter?

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