Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dahlia Polka-Dot Hat

Well Buffy didn't feel like being America's Next Top Model today, so Brody was the best looking choice in town! My poor baby boy, as if his hair isn't bad enough I gotta dress him in girl's hats and take pictures to post on the internet. Isn't he a sweetie pie though? I guess I am a little biased.

Here is the finished product though, I'm pretty proud of my construction and as usual the new sewing machine REALLY helps! (Love you Kyle) This hat is meant to be worn a little side ways and low on the forehead which distinguishes it as a Cloche. I added a bit of elastic in the back to ensure fit, this was not part of the pattern. (Thank you Curiously Crafty) There is also an added sash of fabric across the front which covers the seam where the brim meets the hat, I slip stitched this in place. I did not follow the directions to the tee, and my hat turned out a smidge larger which I planned so that I could add that elastic. Anywho, everyone go make a hat and post your pics for me to see!

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